Our mission is made concrete by three programs in which empowerment and participation of young Surinamese citizens is the central focus: University of Life, Coworking, and Career Support. Urban House Suriname is a social-profit organization. This means that Urban House Suriname is run with partly profitable goals in order to grow and invest in its core values and function, extending its independence. In this way, we want to develop our own economic capital to realize our ideal social goals. Our two programs (Coworking & Career Support) are launched on the market for the most reasonable price possible.

The three programs are:

A. University of Life
This Urban House Suriname program aims at involving young people in Suriname by offering linguistics, cultural, and artistic activities to create a positive impact on their self-development. This is achieved by using informal and non-formal formation. Non-formal formation can be seen as an organized formation process that takes place outside or in addition to the regular education system and that does not necessarily lead to certification.

B. Coworking
The Coworking program of Urban House Suriname aims at encouraging innovative young talents by offering a creative environment and supporting facilities. A work environment where ideas can be easily tested against those of coworkers, synergies may arise and new skills or ideas can be discovered. Sharing is the new giving after all. Strengthening and entrepreneurial culture and creating a broad platform for cooperation are the hallmarks of our Coworking program.

C. Career Support
This program of Urban House Suriname fosters the idea that all young people have unique skills, passions and talents. Through our workshops, training and mentors we work together to find a match between the talents, passions and skills of these young people on the one hand, and the labor market needs, including entrepreneurial opportunities, on the other.