My truth recipes for Urban House Suriname: By Aline Dusabe

First and foremost, I would like to share with you a great exercise to add a stone to the edifice for all the young people who start their own organization whether it is in the social, cultural, art sector etc.

Not long ago I tried this one: write the stories of my organization, the manifesto of Urban House Suriname. In these texts, I tried to taste, mix and spice up the identity and the ingredients of Urban House Suriname much like a cookbook. This book can be used every time you’re looking for new inspiration to create a good dish or to find for the recipe to fix your problem dishes.

This manifesto can be used to get an insight in the Urban House kitchen with respect for the terroir of Surinam.

Urban House Suriname, has concocted 5 steps always to be found in the cookbook to survive your too years as an organization.

Urban House Suriname

Urban aromatic
Getting inspired by other organizations is a good idea but you must also trace your own way! It’s easily said but if you compare yourself all the time to others, it slows you down more than it inspires you. So develop your own unique flavor.

Together we’re strong! A commonplace, but this is a major key to success! Working with a team or be associated with other organizations is not easy but it’s that moment when you defend your ideas, when you accept other opinions that makes you grow as an organization and helps you take a step forward.

Ware in a time of hyper instantaneity: everything has to happen now! But it is necessary to take your time to fall and rise. Time and space are important elements of regeneration and give you the desire to take on challenges. Ideas take time to be impregnated to get their distinct taste. Heavenly!

The urban diversity is a chemical process through which flavors blend. From that point of view blending stories and adventure, co-creation and public space is the highest quality to develop social urban projects It is a blend not only of having good ideas or posing questions during a meeting, it’s accepting differences, what someone likes or not!

Savor (celebrate) every small victory. Most of the time you will worry about fixing problems. By celebrating every small victory it makes it easier to share happiness and in the end add them all up to make it one big VICTORY. (So, take I look of are one event in Brussels and CHAMPAGNE PLEASE).

Urban House Suriname