About Urban House Suriname

Urban House Suriname (UHS) was founded in 2016 by Aline Dusabe, with one clear mission: to cultivate and exploit the alakondre DNA of young people in Suriname from the best of the young people themselves. UHS makes this happen with Coworking, University of life and Career support programs for young people aged 12 and over with a focus on teens and young adults.

The spirit of Urban House Suriname

No guru, no method, no teacher
Van Morrison

With UHS programs, attention is paid to the fact that the development of every young person is different. This varies according to age, frame of reference, talent, gender, etc. So it comes down to creating a humanistic environment and community in which every young person in Suriname can find his way from his or her individuality. We not only provide the necessary knowledge, but also the attitude and skills to work with that knowledge in the real world.

UHS Staf

In the wings of Urban House Suriname you will find a close team. They provide coordination, program and quality, events, partnerships and resources. They are ready for all young people and also provide the necessary support.

Aline Dusabe
Aline DusabeChief Believer (strategie, supervisie, pr en fondsen)
I’ m Aline Dusabe, an African women who loves Belgium chocolate. I ‘m living in the greenest country
of the world and got lost in its beauty and potential. I left my trusted environment and life for this
massive and unique country. I have found myself by falling in love with Mama Sranan. I launched
“Urban House Suriname” to bring color in the world through the voices and stories of young
Surinamese people. Together with them I abandon beaten tracks.
Danitja Hoost
Danitja HoostCoördinator projecten
I believe that love and coaching are key factors to help my fellow man in developing the capacity to
be an active citizen. Everyone is full of talent but I believe this is expressed only when given the
opportunity to make their voices heard. Therefore, it is not only my passion but even more my duty
to offer people a helping hand on their journey to a happy life. Whatever their background or
circumstances may be.
Jurgen Mormon
Jurgen MormonCommunicatie Manager
I’m Jurgen Reguilio Mormon. Child of the colorful Caribbean Suriname, moved by the rhythm of the
drums, the strings of the guitar, the diversity and similarities of our different cultures. My fantasies
and ideas are brought to life through visionary creative energies that are driven by love.
Cherryl Elmont
Cherryl ElmontCommunity Builder
I am Cherryl Elmont, a young dynamic woman with a passion for teaching. I do my work with full
enthusiasm and am grateful for the meaningful interaction with my pupils. It gives me a lot of
satisfaction to see how students grow during a school year and as a teacher, this provides me with a
clear purpose. I take so much pleasure in seeing students develop themselves and this motivates me
for the full 100 percent. In short: I want to make a significant contribution to the development of the
youth of Suriname.

UHS Advice Team

Urban House Suriname is a social profit organization and we also have a board of directors. These inspiring people assist us with advice and action. They believe in Urban House Suriname and have a positive, critical view on he steps we take so that they can guide us as good as possible in our challenges.

Randy Van Zichem
Alida Neslo
Ken Doorson